Get back into work today with a Genius Teamcare franchise

Get back into work today with a Genius Teamcare franchise

Genius Teamcare Limited is a franchise based business. We have a dedicated Staffcare Section at: with all the information and tools to help you start your own franchise.

With the downturn in business we are experiencing due to the Coronavirus pandemic many are losing their jobs.

We are here for you. If you are between jobs right now we want to talk to you, support you and get you back into work with a new franchise business venture. With only a zero to small initial outlay.

Contact us and we can discuss a suitable arrangement.

Visit our Staffcare Section for more information.

07436 936 600


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I am Director of Genius Teamcare Limited, Genius Monster Limited (is a domain and web hosting supplier), JC Crook Limited (window cleaning and joinery), Genius Property Teamcare LTD (owns online shops), Getgoing Limited (is about self help, assertiveness training and job skills), and JoineryFX Ltd (a joinery and landscaping business). I have a dog called Simba who is also my best friend. John Crook.

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