Steps we are taking to prevent Coronavirus spreading

Steps we are taking to prevent Coronavirus spreading

What are the hazards?

Potential contaminants we are likely to encounter are door handles, money, face to face less than two metres, gate handles.

Steps we will use to prevent exposure – self isolating?

Wear gloves, avoid face to face less than 2 metres, avoid handling money, avoid touching door handles. Use email or text invoicing.

What you can do to protect yourself – social distancing?

Do not answer the door, pay by BACS, Direct Debit, cheque, PayPal or debit/credit card by phone.

What we will encourage you to do?

Provide us an email address for email invoicing (payment options included in email).

Provide us a mobile number for text invoicing (payment options included in text).

Allow us to contact you by email, text, whatsapp, phone or Facebook messenger to let you know we are coming the day before we come.

Any other steps to prevent contamination are be found at:

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Update us with your contact details:

0845 638 2200

01358 72 02 52

07436 936 600


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