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renoROT – a new division for Genius Renovate Limited

renoROT(tm) our new timber treatment and damp-proofing division is designed around low contamination and bio friendly treatments. Call 07436 936 600 today for a free survey.

renorot timper treatments

Timber Treatments and Damp-proofing

The least toxic and environmentally friendly treatments available

So clean you can eat your dinner off... Ellon

Genius Staykleen Limited

Genius Staykleen is a modern business using self-built equipment and the latest online invoicing and payment solutions. Call or text 07436 936 600 to book your cleaning.

Traditional and Pure Water Window Cleaning Services

Our motto is: “Windows so clean you can eat your dinner off them… Well you can try.”

Pure water technology on tap

We use science and pure water technology to remove all impurities from our window cleaning water. No streaks. Clean frames. No buts.

Four Reasons to Choose Genius Staykleen Window Cleaning:

  • Social distancing and self isolating aware text and email invoicing;

  • We don’t just clean your glass, but all frames and doors;

  • We can also clean your gutters, dormer cladding, soffits and fascias;

  • Pay by Debit Card, BACS, Direct Debit, or Contactless.

Customer’s Verbal Reviews:

“Thank you John. Windows are lovely.” ID. Ellon.

“John has always been very quick replying to any queries. Excellent window cleaning at great price, would totally recommend.” PM. Hatton.

“I like it when you do the windows, they are so clean.” S. Cruden Bay.

“What a bonnie job you do of my windows.” MT. Cairnbulg.

“I was watching your guy cleaning windows, and he even wipes the sills. Can you clean my windows?” AR. Mintlaw.

“The guys are brilliant and they do all round the edges too.” W. Crimond.

Book your window cleaning at:

Genius Staykleen

Genius Staykleen Window Cleaning

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BOOK ONLINE TODAY >> Joinery Tools, Garden Tools, Garden Furniture, Water Fed Pole Kits and Ebike Conversions.

JoineryFXTools (part of JoineryFX Ltd)

Our products include – woodworking machinery, gardening books, window cleaning tools, grass seed and fertilizer. We also design and test products we sell. Check out our products at

JoineryFXTools (part of JoineryFX Ltd)

Online Tools and Garden Supplies from Ellon, Scotland


We provide products, delivery to your door and all tried and tested by our team.

Five Reasons to Choose JoineryFXTools:

  • Great products and up to date;

  • New products added regularly;

  • Discount vouchers offered in product pages;

  • Helpful advice about the use of our products;

  • Pay securely by credit or debit card

Visit our dedicated website for more:

Shop Online at JoineryFXTools


Our Joinery Tools and Garden Supplies Shop has products to build a better garden:

Pure Water Ellon

Genius Renovate Limited

Genius Renovate is our property maintenance business. We provide Joiners, Roofers, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians etc.. All design and local authority approvals are provided. Call or text 07436 936 600 to book a survey.

Genius Renovate Limited

Surveys, Renovations and Maintenance

We provide integrated property care solutions, renovations and project management. Anything from new windows and flat roof repairs to complex pitched roof repairs with dry rot elimination – using our proprietary renoROT timber treatment system. We have the experience and can provide an insurance backed guarantee. We’ve got you covered. Buy to rent and buy to sell solutions. We can also source owners responsible for paying a percentage of flat communal repairs.

All surveys include itemized survey report, photos and floor plan. Plus a provisional estimate for repairs. Be it new windows and doors, kitchens, bathrooms and internal surfaces replacement, we can get your property rentable in as little as two months from survey.

Five Reasons to Choose Genius Renovate:

  • Surveys include inobtrusive surveying techniques and environmental remedies;

  • Online helpdesk for booking essential services such as cleaning and building maintenance;

  • Manage your property, book repairs and make payments using our online facility;

  • Only pay for services as you need them, most services are planned in advance;

  • Pay by BACS, Credit/Debit Card or Direct Debit with paperless billing and reports.

Visit our dedicated website for more:

Genius Renovate

Genius Renovate

Book your pre purchase survey today.

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renoROT – Preserving our future

Genius Renovate

Low toxicity timber treatments for your family.

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Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing Ltd

If you are looking to relocate your portfolio or are buying property to rent, we operate along the North East Scotland energy corridor from Aberdeen to Peterhead and Fraserburgh. We are your one stop solution. Call or text 07436 936 600 to book a survey.

Direct Sourcing Ltd

Flat finding service for property investors.

We provide an itemized survey report, photos and floor plan. Fully serviced and insured individual flats and tenants.

Choose Direct Sourcing:

  • We send the properties you need direct to your inbox;

  • We price all repairs in Zoho Projects mobile app for you to approve;

  • We set up tenants and arrange interviews through our factor;

  • Regular maintenance and serviced units arranged with a monthly fee;

  • 100% always on App.Service so you stay up to date with your responsibilities.

Visit our dedicated website for more:

Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing

We are looking for businesses and individual property investors.

Find out more on our dedicated website:


JoineryFX Ltd

Our JoineryFX team installs hard and soft landscaping, flat roofing, decking, windows, doors and garden furniture. Call or text 07436 936 600 to book a survey.

Joinery by JoineryFX Ltd

Decking, Landscapes and Garden Offices

We create custom made and individual decking systems to present your own personality to your garden. The decking is built from low maintenance timber using larch decking and supports. Other materials are available according to your requirements. Our landscaping team can provide all hard and soft landscaping. We provide a five year guarantee for all installations.Carpenter

We can manufacture and install high profile garden offices with insulation values that make them very cheap to heat in winter.

The offices are presented in kit form with all wiring, insulation, internal and external finishes.

Contact us for more information at:


Our JoineryFX team can handle your decking, joinery and hard landscaping.


Turfheads Limited

The Turfheads Lawn Improvement service guarantees you a weed free lawn continually since 2014. Call or text 07436 936 600 to book a survey.

Turfheads Landscapes

Garden Landscapes, Turfing and Lawn Care

We offer full garden landscaping as part of our Turfheads lawn treatments. We can give advice on lawn treatments, general weeding and improved layouts to make your garden more user friendly. When we work on your property, you treat us as your personal gardener.

Turfheads Lawn Treatments

Turfheads lawn treatments – We change your utility lawn from second rate utility to a first rate utility and second rate luxury to a moss free, weed free and well drained first rate lawn, through the application of science.

Contact us about your landscaping and lawn treatments at:

Turfheads Landscapes

Turfheads Landscapes take care of preparing ground, laying turf and adding structure to your landscape.

K9 Teamwork – Dog Training

Our trainer, John Crook has been training dogs since 1998. Our training teaches you not only to train your dog, but to be a dog trainer yourself. Go to: to book a free consultation.

K9 Teamwork Dog Training

Training courses available cover:

  • Feeding

  • Psychology

  • Rewards

  • Training

  • Exhibitions

Our training teaches you not only to train your dog, but to be a dog trainer yourself.

We also have a selection of Training aids at

Go to: to book a free consultation

K9 Teamwork Walk Your Dog Training

Book your free dog training consultation:


Our Franchise

Gteam Connect Franchise

Do you want to start your own business with 100% support from an established company?

Visit our Gteam Connect section for more information.


Our Joinery Tools and Garden Supplies Shop has products to build a better garden:

Dog training gear

We have a selection of dog training gear: