What we do to make our business work smarter… through teamcare.

We have established through experience that when businesses work together, but are separate entities, they can be more organized than one large business. Visit our [ Gteam Connect Section ] to discover our franchise programme – and learn how to work smarter…

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Genius Teamcare Teams (GTeam)

We care about our teams and help them care for your property. All our team members work for, or are franchise businesses trading under the Genius Teamcare banner. As such they have our full support in obtaining contracts, invoicing and processing payments. They also benefit from our corporate advertising and promotional materials online in print or face to face. We are constantly looking for new franchisees, so we have created a Gteam Connect academyTM (1).

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How we are organized

As jobs become available we assign them to a franchise located near your address, and who is most qualified to carry out the work. We try to balance the work available across our franchises.

The end result is better for our customers and better for us. Or as we now say: “We’re Making business work smarter…”

Genius Teamcare History

We have been working on various types of property since 1981. During this time we have worked together with clients to provide such things as shop fitting, woodworm, dry rot and damp-proofing solutions. Our emphasis is on giving sound advice and keeping you informed at each stage of the contract.

One of our admired companies is Hutton and Rostrum (https://handr.co.uk/), who use dogs to trace dry rot in castles, where removing great areas of antique panelling is out of the question. So, when the dogs have found the extent of the decay H+R treat the rot environmentally using remote monitoring.

In 2010 we set up Genius Property (now called Genius Renovate Limited) initially to refurbish flats and fit PVCu windows and doors. We are developing our online client and tenant led property management service.

In 2011 we developed our window cleaning service, now called Genius Staykleen Window Cleaning Services. Genius Staykleen Limited now manages all bookings for our franchisees and contractors.

In 2013 we started our trademark TurfheadsTM lawn improvement system. The application of science is the main principle behind our lawn treatments. Find out more about our TurfheadsTM lawn treatment programme at: www.genius-teamcare.com/teamcare/products.

We provide a five year guarantee for all our services.

In 2015 we restructured our business into a franchise and in 2019 we set up Genius Teamcare Limited, which manages all our franchises, brand names and payments. Along with our franchisees, we are trying to expand our existing services. Details of our franchise can be found in our Gteam ConnectTM (1) section (introduced to Genius Teamcare Limited on 6 December 2022).

In 2018 we set up JoineryFX Ltd, which is a franchise of Genius Teamcare Limited and now undertakes our joinery and hard landscaping projects. JoineryFX Ltd also manages the JoineryFXTools.com online shop selling tools and garden supplies.

In 2023 we acquired Direct Sourcing Ltd, which is a franchise of Genius Teamcare Limited and we intend to use it as a single purpose vehicle to buy and let flats. Direct Sourcing works closely alongside and with the support of Genius Renovate Limited.

Our owner John Crook is a qualified building surveyor, timber treatment surveyor and joiner. We take our experience seriously and conscientiously.

About Genius Teamcare Limited logo

(1) “Gteam Connect” and “Gteam Connect academy” are trademarks, services and products of Genius Teamcare Limited.

Genius Teamcare is a franchise based business.

Our contracts are carried out by carefully selected franchisees.

Our franchises

We are offering franchises in Genius Staykleen, JoineryFX, Genius Renovate and Turfheads Landscapes to hard working and honest tradespeople who desire to run their own business.

The Genius Teamcare Offer

We set up an initial customer base and source a van and tools as needed. We sell equipment in our online shop www.joineryfxtools.com. The initial franchise set up can be accomplished by a cash payment or bank loan for the van and tools. The franchisee must maintain a public liability insurance policy at all times (minimum £2,000,000 cover) and an employers liability policy where applicable. These must be produced for verification every year.

The franchisee will be trained in the running of the franchise and ongoing training is given as required.

The franchisee maintains contact with the administration team via a Month End Report, which can be submitted online from their Gteam Connect account.

We have a simple Covid-19 friendly approach to our business that is SAFE > SMART > EASY.

We monitor our procedures via one to one team meetings and make improvements where necessary to our business model. Our goal is to make our business better, more productive and improve customer to franchise relationships.

Through our month end report we can create statistics of our business which helps us to improve our relationships and monitor the franchisees so that we can help them make their business work smarter…

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