Coronavirus Update 7 July 2020

Coronavirus Update 7 July 2020

How we are coping – We have a new vocabulary

Social distancing = Standing and walking 2 metres apart.

Self isolating = Making informed decisions on where we go and when. Mainly getting shopping delivered.

Shielding = Protecting people most likely to become ill from Coronavirus.

Our main approach as a company has been to maintain social distancing. But the virus is still part of our lives and thinking.

We are now trying to put some normality into our daily routine, but still keeping safe

As a company we are going to continue wearing gloves, avoiding breaking 2 metres distancing, avoid handling money, avoid touching door handles. And using email or text invoicing.

We are proud of all our customers who are understanding the reasons for the distancing measures

We need to remind you that Coronavirus is still about. Our prime minister has stated an R0 of 0.7 to 0.9. This means in real time if we had the virus and stood less than 2 metres from ten people we can potentially infect nine of that group. We don’t want that to happen.

We are now introducing another safety measure – we will all wear face coverings when we cannot avoid being nearer than 2 metres from each team member or customer.

Please do not answer the door unless we think it is ok for you, pay by BACS, Direct Debit, cheque, PayPal or debit/credit card by phone.

Don’t feel embarrassed or guilty for not talking to us if you are shielding or self isolating.


As we live in Scotland only follow the Scottish Government’s advice at:

This is because the risks are different in Scotland and we need to protect each other.

Thank you, John Crook.

Director, Genius Teamcare Limited.

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