Connect Franchise FAQs

Gteam Connect Franchise FAQs

Hopefully we can answer your most frequently asked questions and help you on your way to developing a Gteam Connect franchise (Gteam Franchise FAQs).

Q. What is the Gteam Connect system and how do I use it in my business?

A1. Gteam Connect is our new franchise system. We have divided our support package into five individual products. You can choose any one to five of our five feature sets – Payments, Trade, Contracts, Improve and Adverts. Plus we send you regular job referrals so you gradually build your business, priced according to our rates table:

A2. We require month end reports to operate the franchise, which you can print, or complete our online month end report form. We want to make it easy for new franchises to understand what they are paying for without spending time working on lengthy calculations. Instead concentrate on the work of earning income and save us a lot of time too. Our one to one meetings are brief, but you have time for answering questions and support needs. Please check our blog for more details:

Q. I’m not sure about running a franchise, and I already have an established business in my own name?

A. We can still help you build your business. We have a Gteam Connect Basic package where you only pay for the job referrals we send you. And you only need to pay a monthly direct debit for the jobs you receive each month. Along the journey you can step up to Gteam Connect One, Two or Three. Our Basic service is the same except you don’t pay a franchise annual fee, only job referrals. Please check our GTEAM CONNECT PRICE DRILL DOWN V1.2 ( – published 24 August 2023) to compare our rates for each of the Connect packages. You don’t have to accept all job referrals, just let us know when you need a break and when you want to receive jobs. Remember the jobs we send you are 100% your customers.

Q. I have never worked for myself before, how do I do it?

A1. We will provide a franchisee a welcome pack and induction timetable.

A2. The government have a website with all information about taxes and self employment: We also provide you day-to-day support in insuring and registering your business and paying taxes. We can help with legal duties, setting up accounts software and completing tax returns.

Q. What facilities come with the Gteam Connect system?

A. You will have available:

  • A mentor available 100% of the time,
  • A user account,
  • Downloads page with up to date pdf documents,
  • Online forms for application, month end reports, and stationery order forms.
  • One to one monthly meetings.
  • Referral fees based on your Connect version.
  • Annual franchise fee.
  • Competitively priced equipment for sale.

Q. What do I need to do to run a franchise?

A. After registering for tax, you need to have customers. We can help in setting up your customer list and in contracts and pricing. With the Gteam Connect system you have freedom to grow your business and take on more staff, or work on your own, there is no pressure to do either. Because you are offering our product, we will make sure you will not fail and will provide all the training you need for as long as you need it. You can operate your franchise as your main business or as a section of your business and take from us what you need and when you need it. The annual fees and job referral costs are the same.

Q. Can I run a franchise business if I am disabled?

A. The advantage of a franchise is you have 100% support all the time. The other team members are also available to offer short term support for any reason, that’s why we are called Genius Teamcare. We tailor our product to fit your needs. We also have a new training business called Getgoing Limited (, that we have set up to offer free support prior to your working with us. Getgoing along with our training partners provide education, self-empowerment and team building that can act for you and your staff. This is a free service for job seekers receiving government benefits. Getgoing Limited is a not for profit registered social firm. Everything they do is for your benefit.

Q. I have a problem with stress and it makes it hard for me to do a full days work. Can I still work with your company?

A. Yes. We can make arrangements so that your needs are met. There are a lot of people in your position and we can easily help you plan your work around your needs. There is no reason a franchise will not work for you. There are no hidden costs you need to be aware of.

Q. I need to be home early to take care of my children. Can I still work with your company?

A. Yes. We can make arrangements so that your needs are met. There are a lot of people in your position and we can easily help you plan your work around your needs. You have the sole choice how much you quote for the jobs we refer giving you the option to pay child care. Or, you can set the amount of work to do each day giving you more time for your family. There is absolutely no pressure from us how you run your business apart from giving you the support you need 100% of the time.

Q. What kind of work does your company take on?

A. Our main products are GENIUS STAYKLEEN, TURFHEADS LANDSCAPES, GENIUS RENOVATE,  JOINERYFX and K9 TEAMWORK. You can see an overview of each at

Genius Renovate have their own rates for referrals, they provide contracts for you to price, which will normally be offered for tender by three contractors. You pay Genius Teamcare Limited the franchise fee and job referral fee as normal, but your quotes are submitted to Genius Renovate Limited. Then Genius Renovate and their customer discuss what quote meets their needs. We will tell you when we refer a job if it is for Genius Renovate. Find out more how Genius Renovate manage their business at: Genius Renovate manage their contracts using Tradify ( for call outs and job documentation, and Zoho Projects ( for programming renovations.

Turfheads Landscapes and JoineryFX operate in a similar way.

Repairs booking can be made at:

Or short url:

K9 Teamwork ( is owned by Getgoing Limited. It trains people to be dog handlers using their own dogs as tools to learn. When they have learned how to handle their own dogs, they are able to teach other dog owners.

Q. I don’t think I could run a franchise, what other options are there?

A. Our business is a franchise based business, however our franchisees are able to take on self employed and PAYE staff. Fill in our application form completing all sections and we will discuss your application with our team and find out where we can help. We can even “share” your labour over two or more franchises.

Q. What is different about your franchises compared with other companies?

A. Well, there are no two companies the same anyway as they have different management teams and strategies. We try to accommodate each franchisee based on their needs. Our features are fully adaptable dependent on the franchisees wishes. We will create a franchise agreement, which is drafted to the franchisees needs.

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