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Gteam Connect Model

Using our online application form will speed up your application:

Once you have sent our form you can take advantage of our Connect style of sole trader/limited company franchise. We are currently offering Gteam Connect Basic, One, Two and Three packages.

  • UK franchise with variable rates for jobs.
  • We offer a fully working business from day one.
  • Build your business as you go with job referrals.
  • Add extra features when you are ready.
  • 100% Control of how your franchise operates through one to one team meetings.
  • Feedback through all team members of your ideas.
  • We provide 100% support in running your business.
  • Add on features like Square online invoicing software.
  • All stationery and marketing materials included in your franchise fee.
  • You are able to use our website, product names, offers and promotions to promote your business.
  • FREE training in all aspects of the business.

Gteam Connect Franchise Application / Review Form

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Notes For Completing Application Form

1. By completing this form you are authorising Genius Teamcare Limited, Genius Renovate Limited and their franchises (We, Us) to carry out any background checks for the purposes of ascertaining the suitability of the candidate for the contract applied for.

2. We have the option of not following through with the application or terminating the selection process at any point without notice.

3. Please answer all questions. If you have no answer write ‘N/A’ in the box.

4. The form you are completing is a “Gteam Connect Franchise” application with Us. This form is for a limited company or self employed person. We require you to complete all parts of the form that apply to you. You will be contacted once we have reviewed your information.

5. We may from time to time engage an external company to review your information and conduct enquiries on our behalf. They will contact you and then make any recommendations to us as to the suitability of a contractor. All your information is treated with strict confidence and will not be used other than to process your application. You may be asked to provide more information.

6. On our website we have formulated terms and contract agreements. All works we authorize are subject to our company terms and conditions and guidelines that apply to any clients, our company, all franchises, all sub contractors and employees. By completing this application you are accepting that these terms will also apply to all job assignments.


7. We have arrangements through third party online applications to administrate all communications with clients, suppliers and contractors, including invoicing and payments, which create a paperless work stream.

Thank you for taking the time to make an application. John Crook, Director, Genius Teamcare Limited.


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Gteam Connect

Gteam Connect Franchise

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