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What are Gteam Connect rates from 1st January 2023?


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What are Gteam Connect rates?

Please refer to our rates table:

Genius Teamcare Limited has been using a franchise programme since 2015 that was based on an annual percentage rate and very difficult to manage.

We have introduced a fixed fee rate for established franchises with some success. We wanted to completely change our rates to make them fairer and easily modified if necessary.

We have created a new rate table that does not require detailed calculations and only requires a ruler to read the rates.

On 13 December 2022 we produced the GTEAM CONNECT PRICE DRILL DOWN V1.1

It is easy for potential and existing franchisees using the Gteam Connect rates to check they are paying the correct rates. We can also save a spreadsheet copy of the table as a new name and make adjustments to the rates very easily without having to recalculate.

We  can now advertise the Gteam Connect rates.


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