What is Gteam Connect?


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What is Gteam Connect?

If you’re wondering what is Gteam Connect, it is our franchise system with a fixed job referral rate graded by how many support features you select.

You only pay for the jobs we send you plus an annual support feature fee of £20 per feature.

Features are: Payments, Trade, Contracts, Improve and Adverts.

Payments include:
Prepaid envelopes, invoice books, a PayPal or Square.com payment account built into our website (1), A business bank account (1), Business email address with webmail @geniusmx.com, Square card payments (requires phone app and card reader), Direct Debit via GoCardless, A telephone payment facility as well as our online payment facility. We set up your account on our website, so you are up and running taking payments from day one.

(1) You can set up your franchise as a sole trader or limited company. Just set up as a company or sole trader on Companies house and/or HMRC.

Trade includes:
We are offering franchises in Genius Renovate, Genius Staykleen Window Cleaning, Turfheads Landscapes and JoineryFX (2). These are available trading names we use. You are authorized to advertise, sign write your van and use the websites we own to promote your business using any of these names. We update our website with offer codes so you can advertise these to your customer.

(2) You are only allowed to use these names under our franchise licence TRADE feature.

Contracts include:

With Genius Staykleen as an example, we set up an initial customer base (two weeks full time work per month) with one to one training and support to source the third and fourth weeks. (3)

Genius Teamcare Limited

This feature initially guarantees you with at least two full weeks per month for one person. Once your franchise is set up with the two weeks, we work with you full time canvassing in your territory. If another franchise has jobs available for you to take on in the first two weeks, we can use them to assist and train you in operating the franchise. The intention of the feature is to make sure you have 12 months projected income by the end of month four.

(3) Tools are not included in the franchise fee. We have an online shop: https://joineryfxtools.com where you can buy equipment. You need to allot time when people are home for canvassing. You are also expected to leaflet drop the street during work time.

Improve includes:
Training in the running of the franchise and ongoing training as required. We monitor with one to one team meetings. Our goal is to make your business better, more productive and improve customer to franchise relationships. Using our month end report we can create statistics of your business so that we can help you improve your business.

With our Improve add-on feature you can book your one to one meeting using Whatsapp and Zoom.

and Adverts include:
You can benefit from our corporate advertising and promotional materials, online, in print or face to face. As jobs become available we assign them to a franchise either where labour is available, located near the job site, or who is most qualified to carry out the work. To advertise your franchise we use Google, Yell and Bing advertising directed at your territorial area. We analyse our websites to see our activity. Any referrals using this feature in your territory are streamed to you by email, text and Whatsapp.

It is our policy to follow up job referrals within 24-48 hours. That keeps us relevant to the customer and wins the job.

Genius Teamcare Limited

Please see “Features” on our Gteam Connect page.


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I am Director of Genius Teamcare Limited, Genius Staykleen Limited, Genius Renovate Limited, Turfheads Limited, Getgoing Limited, and JoineryFX Ltd. I have a dog, Simba who is my training buddy. John Crook.

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