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About Turfheads Waste Go

“Turfheads Waste Go” has been created as an add-on service for Turfheads franchises. As a service Turfheads was created in 2012. It is a product of Genius Teamcare Limited and bundled with JoineryFX Ltd’s Turfheads Landscapes franchise.

Turfheads Landscapes Logo

As a whole, the Turfheads tradename represents a value improving asset for Genius Teamcare Limited. Services include: lawn care, grass cutting, weeding, transplanting, turflaying, hard and soft landscaping, timber and stone structures.

turfheads waste go logo
Turfheads Waste Go Logo

Turfheads Waste Go is now available for new and existing gardening contractors

“Waste Go On-Demand” one off garden clearance and green waste removal is expected to be launched 1 March 2023. Offer your customers a choice of payments: Direct Debit, phone payments and order by card from our online shop: www.joineryfxtools.com

View the pdf Turfheads Wastego overview.

View the pdf Gteam Connect franchise prices. Read about the Gteam Connect programme.

gocardless by pay.geniusmx.com
Offer your customers a choice of payments: Direct Debit, Phone payments and order by Card off our website.

The whole service is offered as a franchise opportunity in the Gteam Connect programme that allows Genius Teamcare to connect with contractors (franchisees) through offering graded-by-price job referrals and a feature set that helps franchisees develop their payments collection, setting up customer contracts, adverts, trade names, and improve their marketing strategies. All provided as individual job referral fees plus the one to five feature sets at £20 per annum each.

Turfheads and its sub headed additions will remain tradenames and intellectual property of Genius Teamcare Limited.

Turfheads and its existing and future sub headed additions will remain trade names and intellectual property of Genius Teamcare Limited.

turfheads lawn care logo
New Turfheads Lawn Care Logo

We are also including the “Turfheads Lawn Care” trade name. All Turfheads advertising is promoted on a dedicated website: www.turfheads.co.uk and www.turfheads.homes. We are offering simplified ordering of services on: https://gteam.work/wastego-prepay.

We have also created a webform for booking collections at: www.turfheads.co.uk/products/wastego-collections


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