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Why Have You Set Up Gteam Connect Franchise?


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Why have you set it up Gteam Connect franchise?

We set up Gteam Connect franchise to address a problem we faced. We wanted to supply the services that every franchise wants. As with all ideas it is still a step in the process. We charged our franchises 10% per year, but there was no way for us to control how much a franchise earned or any accurate checks. It wasn’t working well. We have also used a set fee per year.

We feel Gteam Connect is the opportunity for us to support each franchise exactly how they need help, when they need help.

Some examples:

  1. A franchise doesn’t need many jobs from us, but they do need support. We can support in one to five ways for an annual fee between £20 and £100.
  2. A franchise is happy receiving more jobs, but not much support. We can focus on providing the jobs.
  3. Using the Gteam Connect rate tables we can offer no jobs but only charge for the features.

The always answer: We supply the services that the franchise wants from us at the lowest and competitive rate available and we can afford to offer. We let the franchisee concentrate on what they do best – team scheduling.

If we feel it is appropriate we can offer a percentage or fixed incentive discount on the published rates as part of our advertising strategy to one or more franchises for any duration.

We are a service based company with various types of franchises. With Gteam Connect we have a product for all franchises. We can deliver a high number of jobs at low value dependant on the rates agreed.

A window cleaning or gardening franchise can buy a lead once and use that lead perpetually. A building renovation or kitchen fitting franchise might use a lead for one contract. The total value in one year might be the same for both franchises.

The amount you charge for a job is your choice. The number of jobs we send you in a year can vary depending on our advertising effectiveness. The rate tables only provide an example based on a fixed number of jobs or features used in a year.

We get paid for making your business grow and supporting your business while it grows. At a price and rate we feel is fair and a price you feel is fair. You are part of our team and we listen to your needs through our month end report and one to one meetings.

The jobs we send you are exclusive and genuine, they are your jobs and your customers. The features we offer are tailored to your business.


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