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Online Employment Application Form:


  1. By completing this form you are authorising Genius Teamcare Limited and its franchises (the Company) to carry out any background checks for the purposes of ascertaining the suitability of the candidate for the job applied for. We may after consideration offer an alternative position if we feel you are more suited for it.

  2. The Company have the option of not following through with the application or terminating the selection process at any point without notice.

  3. Please answer all questions. If you have no answer write ‘N/A’ in the box. Boxes are resizable, drag bottom corner.

  4. The form you are completing is for a franchise application with Genius Teamcare Limited. If you have been asked by one of our franchisees to complete this form, then the form is for a self employed person or PAYE. In any case we require you to complete all parts of the form. You will be contacted by the respective person once we have reviewed your information.

  5. We may from time to time engage an external company to review your information and conduct enquiries on our behalf. They will contact you and then make any recommendations to us as to the suitability of a candidate. All your information is treated with strict confidence and will not be used other than to process your application. You may be asked to provide more information.

Thank you for taking the time to make an application. John Crook, Director, Genius Teamcare Limited.

The multiline text boxes are resizable by dragging bottom right corner.

Online Application Form – for franchise or self employed

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